All places have the capacity to exchange and generate capital. Understanding the traditionally un-utilized value and  monetizing it, can produce a greater return on investment while maintaing asset and resource value.

Real Estate

Community Driven Development. Defined by the community utilizing supporting, and ultimately determining its sustainability. Solutions meeting the unique needs of a place, community, culture, and environment.

Low-Impact Planning and Design Contracting

Identifying strategies and business models that restore and preserve natural resources to leverage their services for sustained income. Complete service offerings from conceptual modeling, design, permitting, and implementation.

Water Infrastructure

Improved quality, at a fraction of the cost. Leveraging ecosystem services, eliminating waste and increasing efficiency.

Monetizing Unrealized Value

REGEN specializes in identifying un-monetized value, and leveraging or creating the mechanisms necessary to create a new revenue streams for owners and operators. 

Political and Business Transformation Strategy

REGEN works with change agents to identify, evaluate, and overcome the political, economic and physical boundaries to beneficial growth and sustained prosperity for multiple stakeholders.

Civil and Environmental Engineering 

REGEN is a Professional Engineering company with demonstrated success in innovative and efficient design, quality construction, and expedited compliance. Specializing in solving unique design challenging and navigating complex compliance pathways with governments, institutional and private clients.

Climate Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering can be two different languages. REGEN is experienced in facilitating effective engineering solutions to mitigate potential climate impacts.